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I am going to Singapore for a week, how much spending money would I need?

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    It's an expensive place. If you're going out, a beer will cost you $10 or so for a pint. Food is cheap if you stick to hawker centres. If you want chilli crabs it'll be about $40/pp. hotels aren't cheap either. How much you'll need depends on what you do. Figure $40-$100, not including accommodation. about 7 years ago

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    Yes, as nice as the place is Singapore is NOT a cheap place to visit. Being a small place it does not have the scope for a cheaper tier of hotels and other accommodation and too far down the scale become places just not worth staying in. Hotels have to charge service and local taxes ( not refundable), and goods purchased are now subject to 7 % GST, which as an overseas visitor you can claim most back at the airport on departure. Alcoholic drinks are taxed heavily, smoking is all but banned and expensive if you buy smokes locally ( you cannot bring in duty free, but you are quite welcome to buy whatever you want going out and smoking in another country!). Eating though can be quite reasonable if you go to where the locals eat. perfectly easy to do this and everyone speaks English and visitors are most welcome everywhere and are everywhere! about 7 years ago

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