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    Singapore is in the tropics. It never drops below high 20s. So, I guess you could say they don't even have a winter. Just summer and freaking hot summer.

    It's always humid, sunny and warm unless its humid, raining and warm.

    I say the coolest times would be September to March, with the rainy season being from November to February. about 7 years ago

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    Now in Nov to Dec are good months as the wether is cooling and sun not so hot. Frankly the changing wether itself is an attraction, fit your schedule and come to singapore anytime. You will be attracted to e meals, sounds and vision of he place. Cheers about 7 years ago

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    Mid year is humid and end year is less humid and comfortable... I know it because I live here. Humidity is more unbearable than heat or rain, I think? about 7 years ago

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    Anytime is good. The rainy season and non rainy season mean very little. Any day of the year can have a massive storm, or be brilliant blue skies. Summer is hotter though. about 7 years ago

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    Singapore is HOT all year and the only exception is when it rains. When it does rain it really DOES rain and heavy at times. However, apart from a few times of the year the rains do not always last all day. The only time you have to worry about being cold is not outside, but when inside in sometimes overly cold air-conditioning. Then nip outside to warm up! about 7 years ago

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