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I'll be in China and then Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, etc. I know Singapore is more expensive, so is it worth it to go there on a budget? I'll be traveling alone initially, which I've done before in Southeast Asia and I know it's super-easy there to meet people to hang out with. How is the environment in Singapore?

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    Yes. There are a lot of backpacking accommodations in singapore. And their mode of transportation is via MRT Train or bus. No need to use taxi. I have been there a lot of times, on my own. over 8 years ago

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    Definitely. Singapore is VERY safe! There are places to eat almost every nook and corner of the island. You can visit the city central and people watch on a stretch called Orchard Rd, or visit Gardens By The Bay which has some of the most wildest and gorgeous plant life.

    But for a more subdued, backpacker sorta experience, try Haji Lane and have a drink at Blue Jazz, run about Arab Street or enjoy a bread like meal with minced beef ala Chapatti in Little India. For cheap perfumes, enjoy a trip at our 24 hr shopping mall called Mustafa Centre, which boasts from everything and anything. Try food at Maxwell market, just around the corner of Maxwell Road and walk a little further up to enjoy Ang Siang Hill with its amazing looking shophouses. It'll bring you back to memories of Singapore circa 1950s. Hope this helps!

    Enjoy your stay here! over 8 years ago

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    Food (3 meals) and public transportation can be done with US15 a day. Hostel can be as cheap as US$45-55 a night. In many ways than one, it can be affordable and able you to see the city without burning a hole in your pocket. Have fun. over 8 years ago

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    I am thinking of giving Singapore a visit too! I have a friend who works there who attests to the safety of the country. over 8 years ago

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    I've travelled there on my own before, no probems. Just use common sense, as you would in any other city.

    I'm heading there in 3 weeks for a fortnight, will be on my own for one week and girlfriend coming for second week. It is definitely a place you can backpack (budget travel) but not as cheap for accommodation as other tropical countries nearby. The 6 bed dorm I'll be staying in with a 89% rating on hostel world is AU$25 per night.

    Food and travel can be cheap as chips though, as mentioned by others.

    I'm looking forward to the food, glorious food!

    Safe travels! :) over 8 years ago

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    It's worth coming to see. It's expensive compared to SE Asia.. Actually.. Compared to NYC and London its now expensive! No safety worries at all. Can eat cheaply. Alcohol will drain your wallet. over 8 years ago

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