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    There are various Community Centers and the People's Association Clubs that hold regular Taiji classes on a daily basis. You can enquire and enrol online at these two places. Prices are nominal.
    There are also free classes you could attend at all our beach fronts, community parks or public parks every morning and evening. Politely ask to join in and your request will be granted.
    Depending on your present level of proficiency, there are also advanced classes you may wish to note. Search online for Taichi classes and you may find a match. over 8 years ago

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    Individual coaching is also available at a cost per hour basis from beginner to advanced/competition level. These classes are taught by accredited professionals or shifu masters known for their Taichi prowess.
    Sometimes, if you live here long enough, you may encounter frail old men in their nineties, who may appear frail, but you can see from their Taichi moves, that they have decades of practice under their belts, by their fluidity, grace and total mastery of the ancient art. These secular individuals usually practise alone in a public park or reservoir surrounding where it is quiet and peaceful. Watch them quietly from a distance, and after their stint, softly approach them, bring up the subject of Taichi and ask for tips and suggestions on your Taichi progress so far. These kindly gentlemen may impart some powerful, secret and useful skills to you if you are lucky and amiable. over 8 years ago

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