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Any ideas or tips would be usefull, I have 2 weeks...

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    James, there is a very high crime rate in Freetown (the capital). petty crime (pickpocketing, bag snatching etc) is very common especially on the poda-poda (local bus), so guard those valuables closely. This is a very poor country with correspondingly poor infrastructure. Medical facilities are limited and poorly resourced. The roads can be shocking. cash is king don't expect credit cards to be useful in many places. ATM's are pretty limited especially outside the capital.
    Most international flights arrive at the airport just before dark, and you have to cross a wide river. Many ferries don't have navigation lights and collisions are common. The roads after dark are also pretty dangerous. (Wouldn't think about the helicopter transfer service either - air safety standards are a bit lax). Try to get there as early as possible so you transfer to Freetown in the daylight.
    Avoid the Kline Town area in the east of Freetown, there's occasional trouble over government privatisation of the docks (including Queen Elizabeth Quay). The police are quick to fire the tear gas to keep a lid on things.
    It's also recommended you think about steering clear of the borders with Liberia and Guinea (stacks of refugees putting a strain n resources, plus there are smugglers and criminal gangs - pretty lawless part of the world.).
    But that's what makes SL an adventure and not a holiday, right? over 9 years ago

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    Avoid been bitten by mosquitos, and always use purified drinking bottle of water. Eat mostly what you are familiar with, and avoid local foods. Malaria and diarrhea can ruin your entire trip and prevent you from enjoying your vacation!! over 8 years ago

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    I'm looking for tips too. I'll try to generate some buzz too. over 8 years ago

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