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I am saving some money cause I want to buy some professional or almost professional camera. My option was some Nikon camera, but except for having passion for photographing I dont know much about technical camera details. I want to make photos of people and landscapes, most of all. What model of Nikon would be the best? And what additional equipment (such as objectives) do I need? Thanks in advance!

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    Cnet.com has great editor and user reviews that may help you narrow the choices down. about 9 years ago

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    • Thank you, I will check the link! Aleksi about 9 years ago
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    Depends on ur budget.... 'professional gear' can get very expensive about 9 years ago

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    • well, camera + some additional things (objective)... let's say my budget is all together 800 euros (or i will have to save for longer time :P) Aleksi about 9 years ago
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    If you are after a decent camera to last, and a Nikon, then the D5100 would be a mid-price camera for you. If you can afford it the D7000 is almost professional quality and offers better video capture. If you want to consider alternatives, then look at the Canon 550d or if you can afford it the D7. Hope this helps, happy snapping! about 9 years ago

    • Mmm, D5100 seems interesting to me, I looked some descriptions. And with some additional equipment price is still oke :) however D7000 is far far away from my budget. Thank you!!! Aleksi about 9 years ago
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    These sites might also help you decide: http://www.kenrockwell.com/ or http://www.dpreview.com about 9 years ago

    • Great! I found very interesting things, thank you for links! Aleksi about 9 years ago
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    Hi Aleksia, 800 euros wont get you professional gear but it will be enough to get you some decent gear. If you want nikon, I would say to get D90 or D5100... more so D90 (older model of D7000 but still a great camera) because it has autofocus motor (D5100 doesn't). This allows you to use older lenses which can save you a bit of money. If you want to shoot people, get the 50mm/f1.8D (not G), so cheap and great photo quality. Hope this helps about 9 years ago

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    • Thank you all for advices, I finally bought Nikon D5100, took standard lenses kit, and already saving up money for upgrading my (for now) modest lenses collection. Thank you! :) Aleksi almost 9 years ago

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