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My wife has always travelled to and from Bahrain with me (husband). Usually staying a hotel in Manama. Is it advisable for my wife to travel alone in the future, that is during the next few months of 2016.

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    As long as your staying in Bahrain women are allowed to travel alone though not normal. Don't enter Saudi Arabia AKA The Kingdom you'll not be allowed through customs alone. You're unable to travel alone in KSA you can't drive and it depends where you are visiting. I've seen trouble with women alone even in Bahrain but cover up and you can visit Muharraq Manama but don't go elsewhere. Bahrain is a sovereign nation off the East coast of KSA with a causeway to Dammam KSA/ Al Khobar / Dhahran. Please be sure of where you're travelling in the GCC. Bahrain is much more westernised + UAE the most liberal but still a sticky situation. You've come under the umbrella of Saudi so advise where your travelling to and as an experienced and frequent traveller to such places can advise you of the best/worst highlights. about 4 years ago

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