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It is safe to travel on the subway in Moscow or travel by taxi is better?

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    Both methods are relatively safe - with the subway it is like anywhere in the world, however, the one thing you do need to be aware of are crafty pickpockets, so just make sure that all of your valuables are secure. If you are travelling at night, make sure you take the carriage that the driver is in. All carriages contain an intercom to the driver, so if you are in any kind of trouble you can page him/her.

    Taxis are a little trickier. Most drivers don't speak English, which can be problematic as you usually need to negotiate the fare before the trip commences. Also, the term "taxi driver" is a very loose one - its been a long standing tradition for Russians to offer transport by car for a fee, so potentially anyone can be a driver - it should be clear what the risks of that are. However, there are a few reputable taxi companies operating, the largest of these being Yellow Cabs (or Novoye Zholtoye Taxi - New Yellow Cab)

    Happy travels!

    Jesse - World Nomads Safety Hub over 8 years ago

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    I wouldn't say that taxis are really safer than the metro. And when they are (when you hire a professional taxi), you can spend hours in Moscow traffic, and that can be quite expensive and irritating. Heck, taxis are pretty expensive even when the roads are empty. The metro is crowded but gets you to wherever you're going just in time. over 8 years ago

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    http://www.mymoscowtaxi.com about 8 years ago

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    Call me +9265372268 about 8 years ago

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    Central part of the city tube cheap and quickly
    Taxi- bad traffic so many cars awfully
    Use official taxi over 6 years ago

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