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i'll be in moscow in may looking for good food stories for an American food magazine. Any ideas?

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    They have these hotdog stand sorta things on the streets that have a small range of fatty cheap stuff, your subsequence food-poisoning could make for a good story. I hear you can also eat bear in Russia, which I believe is the only competitor to eating crocodile in terms of manliness.

    One way for you to get a good story is to jump in a black cab and ask them to take you somewhere where they have good local street food and see where you end up. Black cabs are a comon way of getting around Moscow, just stand on the side of a road, wave your hand out and the first or second car to drive past should stop. If you dont speak Russian then point to where you want to go on the map and point to a number that says 200 rubles. Dont pay any more than 200 unless theyre taking you somewhere far out. If your concerned with safety, I never had any problems doing this and Ive never heard of anyone having any problems. But it is Russia after all, so its always a gamble. If you do find yourself in any problems your not American, and if you have issues with lying about the country you come from I suggest you get over it for the duration of your time in Russia. over 11 years ago

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    As a concierge in Intercontinental hotel Moscow I would suggest you NEVER to use our black cabs! It's always better to use city taxis, now we have a big choice of them.. But u must know that it's not like in Europe and USA - u have to order a cab 40 min in advance.
    According places to eat there are thousands of choices for any taste and wallet :) We have lots of traditional tasty food which you can find in the street as well like Teremok ( Russian pancakes), Kroshka kartoshka (baked potato with different flavours)they are good , but level of a fast food. almost 9 years ago

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    On the street they do some sort of crepes filled with cheese, tuna, etc. It is cheap, around 3 euros, and it tastes nice. They also sell bread and sweet bread which is nice from 1-3 euros. But dont ask m the name of any, lol. If u enter a restaurant, be sure to order a business menu, it will be waaaay cheaper. And normally it consist on tradicional dishes which are very nice, by the way. I wish i could remember the names of the restaurants. There is a great one in a palace by a wide lovely street with a middle garden full of trees. ( hope someone can tell u the name) U can see limousines and Mercedes at the entrance. And they have receptionist, a downstairs wardrobe woman and the waiters ( all men and good looking) wear frack and serve u as if u were royalty. Surprisingly the business menu + beers was around 30 euros. Really cheap! And the food was lovely o can tell cause 1 i'm spanish and 2 come from one of the best regions to eat in Spain. Quite a gourmand myself... Enjoy ur trip!! :) over 8 years ago

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    You really think about American food
    Forget it
    Test russian be happy about 7 years ago

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