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next year July me and my family want to come and visit this wonderful country Russia. Problem is, we dont speak Russian at all and people say that in Russia english is not so popular.
We love local food, natural beauty, little snow if possible, heritage buildings or landscapes and some local life. Keeping this in mind can somebody from Russia draft a small tour plan for us. If possible we can discuss on this.
Also is there a possibility that a girl student (my wife and daughter will be more comfortable) or some local lady who speaks good English be our guide. If possible, how much money is to be paid?

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    Hello !
    I would highly recommend you to contact Olga in Moscow http://www.sputnik8.com/en/users/2294-olga-s-entrepreneur
    and Eugeniya in St Petersburg http://www.sputnik8.com/en/users/2749-eugenia-u-st-petersburg-guide

    You can find many cheap tours in Russia on http://www.sputnik8.com/en website about 6 years ago

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    In Russia many people can understand English and speak on beginner level. I think, it isn't problem. There are many excursion in English in popular places.

    But if you want to see snow in our summer, you should travel to mountains or to the northern land. I think, it isn't so good idea for you.

    7 days tour is very small for big country like Russia. I think, you would journey to Saint-Petersburg to all 7 days. It is a historical and cultural center of Russia, there are many excursions in English in the all historical places. In July you can see "white nights" and you would travel on boat excursions. It has many hotels and good restaurants/cafe with local and international cuisine.

    There are some photo from my journey to Saint-Petersburg in July 2013 https://plus.google.com/u/0/105161892695380949865/stories/5ade7fc2-a191-36e5-a26e-924b9892f2b814607de7a82 about 6 years ago

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    • Thanks Denis. Man - you must be a great sportsman, going by the height you are jumping. Your advise is sincerely great. Can you please explain what is "white night". Also can you suggest the places we should cover in Saint Petersburg? In which website I will get more details? Warm Regards S Mukherjee about 6 years ago
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    I would suggest you spend 3 days in St. Petersburg, one day inbetween at smaller but colorful Novgorod or Sergiev Posad, and 3 days in Moscow. You will have a chance to see many of the historical places you've read about, visit beautiful museums and churches and get a taste of Russian food and culture. You can take the train between cities and get more of a feel for the countryside. You could even manage to do it on your own with some courage, a good guide book and by taking some local city tours. about 6 years ago

    Answered by Erin Bouma via Site_iconTravellr.com
    • Thanks Erin. Your suggestion are of great help to me. Request a few more inputs - 1. Can you please mention what are the places to be seen in each of these places. 2. Which website can give more information? 3. Is English as language known or spoken (even broken English is good enough). Regards S Mukherjee about 6 years ago
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    > Can you please explain what is "white night".

    I've been to India in Bir few years ago. It's a Tibetan colony at north of India, near to Himalaya. In this place are very dark nights. This kind of night is common in southern latitudes. But in northern latitudes sun isn't go out far behind a horizon. At this time nights are very lightful. It's "white nights". You would see this phenomenon in Saint-Petersburg in the period from end of June till first half of July. In some latitudes sun isn't go out from sky at all. That phenomenon is named "a polar day" or "a midnight sun".

    > In which website I will get more details?
    In English: http://www.saint-petersburg.com/ , for example.

    > Also can you suggest the places we should cover in Saint Petersburg?
    From part "must see" you should cover next places in St. Petersburg:
    1. The State Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace;
    2. The Peterhof Grand Palace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petergof). I advise to see the opening of waterfalls (every day in summer at 11.00 am).
    3. State Russian Museum
    4. The modern art gallery Erarta http://www.erarta.com/en/index.html
    5. The Peter and Paul Fortress http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_and_Paul_Fortress
    6. You could take a night boat tour around St. Peterburg. You should see St. Petersburg's drawbridges at night. And you could take other boat tours.
    7. The Church of the Savior on Blood http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_Savior_on_Blood
    8. Saint Isaac's Cathedral http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Isaac's_Cathedral
    9. Kazan Cathedral http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazan_Cathedral,_St._Petersburg
    10. The Moika Palace. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moika_Palace
    11. ... etc. about 6 years ago

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    You don't need a guide if you have smartphone. Download free app - izi.TRAVEL ( http://m.izi.travel/app ) and start exploring even offline. about 6 years ago

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    My favorite walking tour ( developed by State Tret'yakov gallery) - Walk around Moscow of the Silver Age: Alexander Golovin
    http://izi.travel/browse/fd84b712-b61c-4230-8a6d-2b549fd96e5d?lang=en about 6 years ago

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    Orthodox Pereslavl - the soul of Russia http://izi.travel/browse/85c54ff8-92de-42b7-8eb1-87fc0da094a4?lang=en The Golden Ring #orthodox #goldenring #audiotour about 6 years ago

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    Walk along Arbat - free audioguide #moscow
    http://izi.travel/browse/69eb8c07-ce14-4839-ba3d-f4686ea3c9d2?lang=en about 6 years ago

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    Kungur on the Siberian Route
    http://izi.travel/browse/1349f5b8-dbdf-46ad-8810-a595fd37d603?lang=en about 6 years ago

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    Hi! If you'll choose Moscow, so I recommend you to check this wonderful guide - http://ruscow.com/
    There are a lot of interesting options of how to spend your rest in summer. For instance, you can find there info about where to rent a boat or catamaran - http://ruscow.com/sights/boating-in-moscow-parks.html or about river cruises http://ruscow.com/routes/river-routes/river-cruises.html

    Have a good trip and enjoy your stay in Russia! almost 6 years ago

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    Home to the mighty Kremlin, legendary Red Square and iconic St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow is not only the capital of Russia, but also the political and cultural heart of the country.

    An enchanting city with a rich and fascinating history, St Petersburg is the Jewel in Russia’s Imperial Crown. It was from here that the aristocrat tsars ruled over Russia for two centuries until the Russian Revolution in 1917.

    Located in the north west of Russia, just 30km from Estonia, the ancient and historical Pskov with its fortified riverside Kremlin and Trinity Cathedral is a firm favorite amongst tourists.

    The ancient and provincial town of Novgorod is en route from St Petersburg to Moscow and a popular pit-stop. This pretty town is of historic interest; being one of the oldest towns in the country, and once the leading political and cultural centre of Russia, when Moscow was just a small provincial outpost.

    Yekaterinburg is the first major stop in Asian Russia on the Trans-Siberian and the gateway to the Ural Mountains. Just 32km out of town you can stand with one foot in each continent at the Europe-Asia border marker!

    Suzdal is a small, picturesque town in the Vladimir region, which is officially protected against modern developments, and loaded to the hilt with old buildings such as the Kremlin and Cathedral.

    Vladimir, founded in 1108, was Russia’s capital for nearly two centuries before giving way to Moscow. It forms part of the ‘Golden Ring’ of ancient towns, dating back from the 12th to 17th Century, that have great historic, architectural, and religious significance in Russia.

    Karelia stretches from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of Finland. Carved out by a glacier thousands of years ago, it contains the two largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega. almost 6 years ago

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