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I am confused because I have been told that some cards don't work on all the different types of transport. If I buy a green Viva card and recharge it using the machines in the metro station, will this also work on the buses and trams?

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    You can buy a day ticket named «7 colinas». It cost you 3.7€ and you can use it on bus, tram and subway within Lisbon city. You can get and recharge this ticket in automatic selling machines spread around every subway stations (with english languange option).

    But if you want to get out Lisbon, like Sintra or Cascais, you must to buy a different kind of ticket. But you can get this info in both subway, tram or train ticket office. Usually, ticket officers speak english.

    Have a great fun in Lisbon

    Miguel about 11 years ago

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    Who informed you about that was correct. The thing is that they are trying to uniformize and simplify the ticket transportation system in Lisbon, but it still has some problems.

    One of the problems is that if you buy a green Lisboa Viva card, you have to buy one exclusively for trains (because train's system is known to block the cards). I think you only need another card for bus (from Carris) + trams + metro (because these ones don't block the cards).

    Another problem is that there are many different bus companies in Lisbon, specially if you go to the outskirts areas of Lisbon (for example, Cascais or Sintra).

    Anyway, the Lisboa Viva cards aren't expensive (0,50€, I think)!

    Hope this was useful :)

    Have a nice trip! about 11 years ago

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    Exactly, the lack of a uniform ticket is one of Lisbon worst problems.

    With 7 colinas you pay a new ticket for everytrip you do. You can use the same for Bus + trams + metro, but if you make a trip with metro and bus you pay both. Some if you use two bus lines.

    Last time I used a boat I had to buy an extra 7 colinas. I heard this changed, but come ready for some unplesant surprises.
    Besides the different bus companies, there is also a different train company (the ones who are allowed to cross the bridge) who'll ask for a special ticket for sure.

    Hope you enjoy Lisbon. I usually use the metro and walk. Is a good way of knowing the city. But don't miss the old trams ;) about 11 years ago

    Answered by Tiago Carvalho Tiago Carvalho via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I have been trying to understand the system here for the past month.

    From what I know they are trying to phase out the 7 Colinas cards and replace them with the green Viva Viagem cards.

    The Viva Viagem cards can be used for all modes of transport in the region (including trains)
    If you look on the back of the cards they have symbols for Bus, Boat, Train and Tram.

    I think you can recharge the cards in the metro stations. This is called Zapping. It reduces the amount of money used for each trip. about 11 years ago

    Answered by Nicholas Roberts via Site_iconTravellr.com

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