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I'm looking at different options for travel and do not have a definite starting or ending point. I want to fit as much in as possible in two weeks. What are the best places to go to?

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    Hey girl!! I definitely know the answer to your question ;)
    Check ryan air and other budget flights like that because you never know what you will find before ever buying a bus ticket but usually i found myself traveling by BUS not train or plane. Everyone uses buses there, they are usually the cheapest option for trips that arent too far (which many aren't) almost 12 years ago

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    The hot spots in that corner not to miss are:

    Lisbon, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, alas you have a route, start and end, 2 weeks should be alright.

    Other spots to add on are Lagos in southern Portugal for beach and party.
    Madrid for a big city culture
    Valencia in Spain for a bit of the Mediteranian

    Spain also has a lot to offer over the top but you will need more time. almost 12 years ago

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    Ryanair don't actually fly to Lisboa. Easyjet do though.

    My advice to travel around go by train. Get an Eurail pass and spend a good amount of time in any cities that interest you.

    Planes aren't anywhere near as fun or flexible.

    Two weeks is not enough!

    If you want to see a lot in 2 weeks:

    Day 1 - Fly to Barcelona from somewhere (go out immediately and start living it up in the crazy town)
    Day 2 - Explore the bars of Las Ramblas and spend a day on the metro travelling between all the sites
    Day 3 - Aquarium and maybe take a bus to one of the beaches out of town (there are ones in town but they are a bit targeted by robbers)
    Day 4 - Train to Bilbao (northern Spain - great luscious green hills overlooking the pacific)
    Day 5 - Explore. Gugenheim museum, old town and the northern coasts all accessible with the metro system
    Day 6 - Train to Santiago de Compostela (North-Western Spain) the end of the pilgrimage Way of St James great cathedrals and other old buildings
    Day 7 - Exploring Santiago
    Day 8 - Train to Vigo (Spain's greatest fishing port) - worth it for the seafood and breaks up the journey a bit
    Day 9 - Train to Porto (great old city in Portugal, worth a visit just to experience the difference from the north and south of Portugal)
    Day 10 - Train to Lisbon (I would say stop in Coimbra on the way but running out of days)
    Day 11 - Explore the bars in Barrio Alto, the castle and the waterfronts
    Day 12 - Relax in Lisbon for a bit more, see the big jesus
    Day 13 - Train to Faro (Southern Portugal for bit of a last jaunt)
    Day 14 - Spend a day on the beach before flying with Easyjet back to Paris or London (central airports so you can fly out of Europe)

    Can get a Eurail regional pass for portgual and spain with 6 travel days for US$415 this is the same price for any age
    Or if you are under 25 you can get a 3 country select pass with 6 travel days for US$315

    Hope this all gives you some ideas on what you can do ;) almost 12 years ago

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    @ NikoRoberts

    Great suggestions I'd only add a short trip to Sintra when in Lisbon (it's about 30 Km) maybe on 12th day. almost 12 years ago

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    And if you like beaches you should try the Costa da Caparica beaches, near Lisbon (you should cross the bridge or take a boat). almost 12 years ago

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    hi, I leave just in the border between Spain and Portugal and my friends from Europe use to like wildlife and cheap budget. For your trip I would hardly recommend you to contact a local travel agency. The local costs are 25 to 40 euros per night (dependind of the hotel) and 10 t0 15 euros for lunch and dinner. I may send you links of some local associations. SilverN over 9 years ago

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    l want to spain almost 9 years ago

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    Accommodation in native teacher's house in Seville: a place in nature, with swimming pool and sport area.

    500€/six days (monday-saturday). Includes: transport service, airport pickup,single room or double room, wifi, breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry service, 20 hours of spanish classes...

    And cultural visits!!! almost 9 years ago

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    la-ponderosa.webs.com over 8 years ago

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