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Hi everyone. I have been thinking to travel to some cities of Poland and Kiev. I found cheap flight ticket from Katowise to Kiev but It arrives middnight in Kiev. In same time I have been cheking the sleeping train from Warsow to Kiev and from Kiev to Krakow. I found a time table on the two web site but not place. Dose anyone have idea of prices? In addition, I am a bit worried about this as I am going to travel on my own and cannot speak any Polish, Ukrainan or Russian.

Thank you for your attention.

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    It would be safe, yes.

    I was travelling in Poland, without native language and it was difficult, however a lot of Warsaw citizens did seem to speak English and Krakow is a very big tourist attraction. I would say you could get help from your hotel/hostel/accommodation to get help with booking train trips, or contact a travel company which are sure to speak some English in Warsaw & Krakow. almost 10 years ago

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    I'm asking my Polish contacts about the safety aspect, but it seems to be relatively safe (the usual precautions needed - secure bags, some travellers carry a lock to secure the cabin door while they sleep). Just watch out for soccer fans during football season!
    You can check prices and pre-book your ticket through the Deutsche Bahn rail service. They have an English-speaking call centre based in England +44 8718 80 80 66 although many travellers report you can simply turn up at the train station in Warsaw and book (back in 2008 a Lonely Planet Thorn Tree post says you can book a whole 4 berth sleeper for about $US100)
    There's a change of train required at the border, because they operate on a different gauge (not sure, but I think they use a crane to lift your carriage onto a new set of bogeys (wheels)!).
    I hear that the border guards have a knack of waking you up just as you get to sleep. Also, there's a dining car on the trains but don't expect fine dining (sandwiches and soup). It's a long journey so take some snacks (including drinking water - but don't over-do it). Polish and Ukrainian trains have a carriage attendant who has an urn of hot water. You can buy a cup of tea or coffee from her, but it's unlikely she speaks any English.... memorise a few phrases. In Ukraine about half the people speak Russian, so download the WorldNomads ipod Russian language guide http://journals.worldnomads.com/language-guides/
    More when I hear from my Polish contacts.
    good luck. almost 10 years ago

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    I've heard back from Poland. This is what Anna said:

    I'd say the safest way would be to take a plane from Katowice to Kiev. I know it arrives late, but I am sure it is possible to arrange transportation, many hotels have it in their offer. Depends on whether he is going to stay at the hotel or not. Taking a sleeping train could be more troublesome, especially if he does not speak any Polish or Russian. In terms of safety, he would have to take regular precautions, but probably be more careful as a foreigner not speaking local languages. almost 10 years ago

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