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It's kind of silly to say this here but the truth is that I just recently saw an video on YouTube about white shark watching after paying for a non-refundable plane ticket to Donsol. I know my swimming skill is not good enough to dive into the water. (I thought I can see white sharks while snorkeling on the water surface) . So now I'm wondering if I should just go to some beautiful beaches and relax. Without any knowledge if there are beautiful beach near Donsol, I'm thinking to go to Boracay.

Is there a ferry I can take from Donsol (or Legazpi) to Boracay? Would you recommend to take a ferry? Thanks.

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    First, it's not a white shark - but a whale shark. White sharks will slaughter you if you even get to swim with them. ;) Whale sharks or Butandings swim near the surface so if you are fast enough and just dive at the sight of it - you will be able really swim with them. I did this more than 6 times already and it was one of the overwhelming experiences I've had in my life. There were times - like now, when you won't be able to see any because of murky waters. It's monsoon season after all. As for taking the ferry to Boracay. I think you still have to go to masbate to even get to Boracay on a ferry and that's far from Sorsogon or Legazpi. That will take a long time. :D My 2 cents - go back to Legazpi, fly to Boracay from there (connecting flight in either Manila or Cebu). Less hassle and for all you know, it will even save you money with all the sales coming up right now. By the way, of course there are nice beaches near Donsol - not quite as alive and nice as Boracay - but decent and with white sand. See Rizal beach and Tolong-Gapo beach. Also there is Caramoan peninsula (off the coast of Sabang beach), which rivals Boracay - methinks. :) I can go on and on...but there are many stuff you can choose to do and go to from there. over 9 years ago

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    Thanks, wanderlost. Hope there will be whale sharks in the end of November and if the water won't be murky. I guess there is nothing I can do but pray. ^^ Thanks. over 9 years ago

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