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We are about to book a flight from HK to Manila Clark and then a flight from Manila to Palawan.

We arrive about midnight in Manila Clarke and then plan to fly out of Manila the next morning at 08.30am.

Please could you let me know how to get between airports? (the easiest/cheapest/safest way)

Should we:
- catch a taxi straight there and sleep in the taxi? How much can we expect to pay and how long should it take? is it safe to sleep in a taxi?
- catch a bus? - is there one that goes through the night?
- stay over night near Manila Clarke airport and then catch a bus to Manila and the later flight at midday to Palawan?

OR do you suggest a better airline from HK to Manila. We are currently looking at Tiger airways and flights are coming in at £63 british pounds for 2 people.

Also do you know the baggage allowance on Cebu Pacific flights? the fllights we have been quoted are the 'year round' fares not the 'promotions'ones. Will we be able to check in a bag each or will it just be carry on luggage?

Thank you

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    I second Ricardo's advice - fly to NAIA if possible. It will save you a lot of time, hassle and loads of stress.

    It will be a long taxi ride from Clark to NAIA and taxis fares have to be negotiated with the driver upfront. I've had one unhappy ride from NAIA where the driver refused to use the meter and wouldn't stop, or let us out of the vehicle when requested. Most drivers are more decent than this, but I would advise that you to avoid 'unofficial' airport taxis where possible.

    From memory, buses pick you up from Clark (Dau terminal) and either terminate at SM Megamall, or the bus terminal (Pasay?). From there, you will need to catch a cab to NAIA. My advice would be to catch the bus, stay the night in a pleasant Manila hotel and taxi to NAIA in the morning. Clark and Angeles City are not 'must-see' places, hotels are very average and facilities are spread over a wide area.

    If you're worried about Manila morning traffic to the airport, stay near EDSA, preferably in Makati. Commuting from Makati to NAIA has never taken me more than about 40 mins at that time of morning and the shops/restaurants there are open there until late (sometimes 24 hour).

    All the best with your trip! I'm looking forward to visiting Palawan some day. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ros Hodgekiss via Site_iconTravellr.com
    • Sorry Ros I cant seem to leave you good feedback for your message... it wont let me?! But thank you very much x Will Tulitt over 9 years ago
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    Thank you so much for everyones advice.

    Situation is... there are no flights from Clark to Palawan the dates we need.
    Hong kong direct to Cebu = coming in about £300 for 2.
    So in order to do the dates we want and the price (£200 - for 2 people for 5 flights) it means we have to fly into Cark and out of Manila.

    Our problem is.. we dont know how to get between the two airports considering we arrive at midnight in Clark! and will either catch a 07.30am flight the next day from Manila to Palawan or a midday flight.

    Any suggestions on how to get between the airports at midnight? safely!

    Thanks in advance
    Polly x over 9 years ago

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    Hi Polly, just to clarify, are you flying to Puerto Princesa? There are 3 connections daily via either Cebu or Manila (NAIA) via Cebu Pacific. All three are pretty affordable. Here's a sample itinerary - https://skitch.com/roshodgekiss/fyf51/cebu-pacific

    In this situation (ie. flying in at midnight), I really recommend avoiding Clark, if possible. There is a very good chance that buses will be less frequent at this hour and after passing customs, the last thing you will want is to negotiate a taxi, or stay in a low-grade hotel.

    From my experience with this kind of red-eye travel, there's a good chance that the following day will be a write-off, too. Even if you catch a taxi to Manila, you most probably won't arrive in town until 3am - yikes! over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ros Hodgekiss via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    hi polly :)

    last trip out from clark airport via bus is at 930pm, first trip out via bus is 530am. here's the schedule http://www5.airasia.com/site/en/destinationCity.jsp?id=&reference=CRK&property=dynAirport&nav= over 9 years ago

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    A flight to Manila is your best bet. Clark is too far for a taxi ride. over 9 years ago

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