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We met online and she came on a K1 Visa. After we married 9 months I had a major stroke.She left me and kids for 4 years after she secured her green card. Then she had her new, boyfriend hire her a lawyer and got custody of our kids. Now she wants to take them to the Philippines for a visit. I'm worried for their safety.

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    There are areas of Philippines which are dangerous, mostly in the south due to the activity of armed dissident groups. I'm sure you're aware of the conflict centred on Marawi - search news reports if you're not.
    Parts of Manila can be dangerous, and we usually advise travelers to seek the advice of locals who know the lay of the land. As you point out, your wife is a local, or will be with people who are, so she should be able to avoid trouble. about 3 years ago

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    Your wife will be safer in the Philippines than in the US. It is quite a safe country. over 2 years ago

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