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Hi there, I was planing on a solo traveling trip to Manila Philippines next year. I've never been there before and I don't know much of the places there. But I have read on internet about some famous places for tourism to visit. Such as Manila zoo, Star City, Augustine Church and many more. But I've also read a lot of bad commends to Manila. Most of them said that the place is not a very safe place to be visit of because of the crime rate is very high there. But I'm still with my desicion to visiting that place. Any good advises for me to be caution of?

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    The popular tourist spots are pretty safe, but if you want to go exploring the city off the beaten path, get some advice from a local. It's pretty easy to cross to the "wrong side of the tracks" in Manila.
    Check out our other advice:
    http://www.worldnomads.com/travel-safety/philippines/ about 5 years ago

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    Thanks Phil. I've visited the website you suggest and it's very useful. I'll keep those advises in mind when I travel. Many thanks. about 5 years ago

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    relatively safe to travel in and around metro manila. almost 6 years ago

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