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I am American female blonde hair blue eyes. I have been planning with a friend to visit him in manila we have never met in person but have been talking for over 3 years. He told me he would show me around the best spots in Manila. We would travel for most of my vacay and rest at his place in Manila. Is this safe? I feel I can really trust him. Just want some other input, before I leave.

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    Manila can be bad for petty crime (even some violent crime) targeted at tourists. You need someone with local knowledge to let you know the good and bad parts of town. Your new friend could be useful there.... if he's genuine.
    Sadly dating and romance scams are very common in the Philippines - usually involving women luring foreign men to the country, but that's not to say it can't be the other way around.
    If he's genuine he will know about this and he'll understand your apprehension. I'd suggest that you visit Manila but NOT stay at his house. That way, if it turns out to be bogus you have somewhere to retreat. As I said before, if he's genuine he'll understand.
    A quick search for forums on online dating scams will help you identify clues, here's one to start:
    As for Manila safety, check out our advice on the Safety Hub:
    Best of luck, be cautious, but i hope it works out for you.
    Phil at the safety hub. almost 7 years ago

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    There have been reported victims of rape and homicide for those who went eyeball (lingo for meeting an online acquaintance). Of course, successful dates don't reach the news, just the bad ones. Just Google these types of news for your awareness. While traveling to Manila is safe, its what you intend to do involves some risk. Take some safety precautions. almost 7 years ago

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    No!!! almost 7 years ago

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    To be honest.. Me myself dont wanna go there.. Maybe its just a feeling cause i never been there.. almost 7 years ago

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    Hi Emma

    I am involved in a business in the Philippines and I travel to Manila often.

    I've personally seen scams and tricks on foreigners who fall in love with Filipinos that have resulted in extorsion, theft and cost the victims tens of thousands of dollars. There are many known cases of Filipino women hooking foreign men on the internet and over an extended period of time (6 months - 2 years), asking them for loans, engagement rings, medical bills for sick cousins, tuition fees, clothes, food and other financial assistance. In some cases the men visit them in the Philippines, where of course they fall even more in love, and buy the women land, property, or are tricked into other investment schemes. Of course, there's never just one man in these women's lives, as they are often working on a number of victims simultaneously. Once there's no more chance of getting any money from them, communication ends and the men never hear from them again (or get their money back).

    Questions to ask, if you were to ever consider going are:

    1. Are they your age, and can you verify that?
    2. Are they already married?
    3. What area of Manila do they live? Check this carefully and get it verified.
    4. Who's in their family and what jobs do they have? (Do you want to be supporting a family of 10 and all their cousins?)
    5. Does this person have a job? Can they prove it?
    6. Can you verify their full name?

    It's difficult to get verified documents to prove people's identify in the Philippines, especially if they don't have a passport. In many cases documents might be fake.

    In some cases they might claim that they come from a rich family and are able to support themselves. But if they say this, you should also verify this, as I've seen cases where girls from the poorest regions pass themselves off as wealthy business women to lure foreign men.

    Look, I don't know your circumstances and you might well be talking to someone who is genuine. BUT, the statistics are against you and you should be extremely careful before you decide to visit.

    An alternative would be to visit them in Singapore. It's a safer place and not too far from Manila, and you could see whether the person is legit. almost 7 years ago

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    There is an NGO advocating safety for tourists in the Philippines. They will check out your contact for you, give free advise and in some instances even treat you to a free tour. Email: feel.safe.philippines@gmail.com about 6 years ago

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    Travelling throu many parts of asia and seeing scams of many sorts i would be very careful and would question if it is safe to be there...can you take a friend or family
    Trust me it could be worth the extra cost if you get scammed out of money or possessions almost 6 years ago

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