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My boyfriend and I are spending two weeks in the Philippines in January. We are on Siargao for a week and then Palawan for a week. When we arrive we are in Manila for two nights and in the middle we are in Cebu for a night! Any suggestions for activities, great sights etc are appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    In Siargao, surfing is very famous and you must see and try Cloud 9 (the famous break there). From there, you can also visit Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove just 2 boat rides away (you can also google these sites). Sohoton cove is home to thousands of stingless jellyfishes. There are several resorts and even a hidden lake for overnight stay for reasonable prices available. In Palawan, of course you should visit the Underground river (one of the new 7 wonders of the world) but you should ensure a 3week/1-month reservation coz they monitor holding capacity of the river. You could also check out El Nido in Palawan just 4-5 hours ride with a jeepney/bus i think. Gorgeous beaches and beautiful sunset. Hope this helps. almost 8 years ago

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    El nido from Puerto Princessa City is around 6 hours if traveling on daytime but would take around 8 to 9 hours if towards night time, this is based on 2012 august visit to el nido riding the Roro Bus around 1pm, the bus travels slower at night since it's harder for the driver to see since there is no road lights for most part of the travel. Try climbing Mt. Taraw in el nido, then do the 4 packages on Island Hopping, they also have a free beach that you take a tricycle (motorcycle) to for around P100 or more depending if you keep them waiting but there are tricycles waiting for people to go home from the beach back to el nido proper. Beach is clean & free (i forgot the name), there are cottages there if you want to rent for overnight, you have to go through some short trail before you reach the shore. almost 8 years ago

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    While most recommend checking out the underground rivers and the beaches in Palawan, but have been told that if you stay down that side..that is what you are limited to. I found that Coron made for a fantastic experience..one that was unique to the region, especially if you are the curious and adventurous.

    Activities are wide and varied..from trail riding, kayaking, hiking. Snorkeling/diving (TONS of great diving spots) island hopping excursions (Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons to name a couple) and the beaches are highly recommended, the waters are pristine and everything you could dream a Philippine island experience being. If beaches are your deal: I highly recommend finding your way over to Malcapuya Island (and visit Kuya Chris' little coral garden with beautiful fish and huge clams) and Banana Island.

    After a long day of exploring, hitting up the natural hot-springs of Makinit is worthwhile.
    Coron town is clean and friendly and has not yet lost it's provincial charm. Plenty of places stay that would meet any ones budget..and while you will not find your Jollibee around these parts, the food choices are endless.
    Travel to El Nido can also be arranged from Coron Town.

    My family organized a trip to Palawan recently through RGO Tours and Travel, who were excellent. They also specialize in packages for 1-2 people, so would be great for you and the boyfriend. As a guide, I can strongly recommend Dexter. Well-spoken, informative and an all-round fun guy. almost 8 years ago

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    Siargao is known for surfing.

    Palawan, I would highly recommend Coron. I have been to Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido. It is Coron where I enjoyed the most for snorkeling compared to El Nido. El Nido is nice but if you like to snorkel and dive, go to Coron. over 7 years ago

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