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My wife has had breast cancer and limph nodes removed so can no risk getting bitten on the arm, what do you consider the risk in the areas we are visiting? can we take enough precautions to make it a safe trip?

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    There is a very high risk that you'll get bitten. In fact peru has had a really bad year with Dengue Fever, it's been at epidemic proportions and they've had huge eradication programs running to battle the outbreak.
    There's even a new aggressive strain of DF in the Peruvian Amazon http://digitaljournal.com/article/303463
    The CDC warns there is Malaria in all parts of Peru below 2000 meters. http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/peru.htm
    If you want to avoid all mosquito bites you'll have to be vigilant and thorough with your preventative measures.
    The CDC recommends taking an anti-malarial drug.
    There's no preventative for DF, but you can lower your risk of getting bitten by staying covered up in loose-fitting light-coloured clothing (long sleeve, long legs), slathering yourself in DEET insect repellant. I'd suggest also burning a mosquito repellant coil at your feet while sitting at a dinner table. almost 9 years ago

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    Only if you go the amazon. over 8 years ago

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    I went to all of those places (except nazca) and can't say i got bitten much, maybe once or twice but nothing hugely noticeable. Bring deet that will keep the mosquitos away! over 8 years ago

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