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I'll be travelling to Cusco in 5 days from Argentina and I didn't do any vaccination as I get very bad reactions. It seems like for the areas I'm visiting are OK, can you advise?
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    Silvia, Cusco, Arequipa and Puno are all OUTSIDE the WHO designated Yellow Fever endemic zone. Here's a link to the WHO YF map. http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2010/chapter-2/yellow-fever.aspx#823
    In any case, most at risk are unvaccinated young men who live and work in the rainforested areas. Between 1970 and 2002 only 4 tourists got Yellow Fever in ALL of Peru.
    Dengue Fever is a different story... the pesky Aedes mosquito is very common in all parts of Peru. In the first 2 months of this year (2011) there were an additional 5000 cases of dengue fever reported. DEngue Fever has also reached Lima and the whole country is on RED ALERT for a pandemic. The authorities have initiated a national eradication campaign, asking all Peruvians to check their neighbourhoods for old tyres, tin cans and boxes which may hold stagnant water.
    You can do your bit by tipping out any stagnant water in discarded containers you find.
    You MUST also take precautions against being bitten (there's no vaccine!). Put DEET repellant on exposed skin, wear long-sleeved loose fitting white tops and long pants (avoid tight black leggings at all costs!). Use mosquito repellant/coils in rooms and try to sleep under nets. Take some extra repellant coils and nets... the locals will appreciate them.
    Dengue won't kill you (not the first time anyway) but you get mightily sick.
    A little bit of precaution and you'll be assured of a great time.
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    Damn good answer. I got one anyways tho. I would watch out for food poisoning in Peru more than anything. It put me down for two days. almost 9 years ago

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