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Time for the travel safety guy to ask YOU a question!
I'm going into the Amazon basin, to some eco-lodges and searching for wildlife. What clothing do you recommend?
I don't want to look like a tourist, but malaria-safe clothing that's long-sleeved, light coloured and impregnated with insect repellant sounds a lot like khakis!!!! I will NOT wear zip-off pants. Ever. So, suggestions.
And what about footwear? Hiking boots, knee-high rubber boots, or something simple like sand shoes which are easy to wear, cheap, light (so can bring a spare pair), disposable-if-un recoverable.
Suggestions please.

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    I am wondering just the same thing! almost 6 years ago

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    What do you mean ... Phil doesn't know everything?!?!
    I've not been, but met lots of people in other parts of Peru (and Ecuador) who had just been in the Amazon. They all reported that it was extremely humid and buggy, and very warm. The clothing you suggest sounds like what they wore (I quizzed them as I was planning to go, but ran out of time). Most lodges will provide you with rubber boots if their terrain needs it.
    Bon voyage! almost 6 years ago

    • it's how I learn the stuff I don't already know. he he he Ask Phil almost 6 years ago
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    I realize that this is a year old, but in looking for info on the Amazon, I stumbled across your question.

    If you didn't find what you're looking for and plan to go back, my husband gets tropic-weight cargo pants from LL Bean, and they come in different colours. They're like no-zip-off khakis. He wore them permethrin-soaked in the Daintree Rainforest, so it's probably what he'll use in the Amazon, too. over 4 years ago

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    I also discovered on my trip that most lodges supply rubber boots. Just pick your size from the front. Of course, you switch back into your regular shoes for walking around the lodge.
    So, no need to take your own. Although I did take my trusty hiking boots, which I think are more comfortable than rubber boots. over 4 years ago

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