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i dont like booking things in advance. and id like to scope things out for myself before going to peru. is this unwise or is it totally possible to figure thing out on short notice. or at least work things out so inca and machu pichu is the last thing i dont before leaving. im thinking of being in peru for roughly a month. thank you in advance for any advice

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    Only 500 people a day are given permits to enter MP, so if you're going during a peak period you may miss out to those who do like to book in advance.
    More tips here: http://safety.worldnomads.com/Peru/73382/Safety-on-Perus-Inca-Trail
    But with a month to spare you should be able to find a place with a guided tour, if you're flexible.
    Phil at the safety hub. over 6 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    It really depends on the time of year that you will be there. If high season, as Phil says, you'll need to book in advance. But I was there in November (2014) and bought my Machu Picchu ticket the afternoon before visiting the site. I've written an article about how to see Machu Picchu independently, without booking a tour, and on the logistics of getting there. Note: the Inca Trail is entirely different -- you do need to book a tour for that.
    http://traveleater.net/2014/12/12/independent-travel-how-to-travel-to-machu-picchu-without-a-tour/ almost 6 years ago

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    I was there last year - 2017. I would definitely recommend booking your Machu Picchu ticket in advance as mentioned above. I went solo for a month in Peru, went all over the place and booked them as I went. I was there in Nov-December though so it wasn't peak season. They have made some changes since 2014, they are allowing fewer visitors as the site is getting damaged, so go to their website and do some research. over 2 years ago

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    If you are planning to do the Inca trail you should plan for this in advance because there are only limited spots. If you would just like to do the Salta or jungle treks to Machu pichu you can book it when you arrive- super easy! over 2 years ago

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