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My wife are going to the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu and the Equadorian Andes this Oct2014. I am concerned about necessary vaccinations and preventative measures to maintain good health while traveling to these areas. We would appreciate your recommenations and suggestions such as contacting and or going online with the CDC, etc.

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    Most of what you need to know is here:
    We also have lots of other safety tips to make the most of your fabulous trip (so jealous!). Altitude sickness is a major one - we're getting a lot of claims lately.
    and one for the Galapagos
    Don't forget to get travel insurance
    Phil at the safety hub almost 7 years ago

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    I was in the same region at the same time as you!
    And, as I'm sure you discovered, this was a good time to be there because, with the exception of Aguas Calientes / Machu Picchu, it's not a very buggy time.
    But, for others who are going at other times:
    - altitude sickness is possible: acclimate slowly and keep very well hydrated (and go in this order: Machu Picchu, then Cusco, then Lake Titicaca).
    - bring bug spray for Galapagos, just in case. Make sure you wear it and, preferably, cover your legs in Aguas Callients / Machu Picchu -- the no-see-ums there are brutal and leave red welts on many people, about 1/3 of people have swollen painful legs 2-3 days after the bites (you won't notice them biting).
    - Your regular travel vaccinations are fine, though there are some areas (off the tourist trail) that require yellow fever vaccination too.
    - The sun is extremely strong near the equator and at altitude : sunscreen essential, especially for Galapagos and Lake Titicaca.
    - If you're going to the Amazon, you'll need more bug precautions. almost 6 years ago

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    Have your doctor give you Diamox for altitude sickness, almost 6 years ago

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