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Will be moving there in Sept. May get a choice of places. Am wondering which would be better. Thanks. Mike

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    Sur is a beautiful place with nice people, not very big but awesome scenery and coastline. over 9 years ago

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    Sur is by the coast and offers easy access to the sea, dessert, and a few wadi's, Rustaq is more historical, with good access to the mountains and historical sites, Rustaq is also closer to Muscat, so really depends on your cup of tea... about 9 years ago

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    I have been living in Rustaq now for the academic year. I know the answer now. Sur is better. Rustaq is good only for a few weeks. True Rustaq has a few sites to see but that can be done in an afternoon and few tourists linger (in my time here I have only seen three tourists out of their cars). After a month, looking at the mountains and eating the Pakistani food no longer thrill. Sur has plenty of beaches developed for tourists, seafood, Indian, Chinese and Thai (and Pakistani) food, hotel bars and even a few movie theatres. (I will move to Sur in August.) over 8 years ago

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