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    What's their nationality? over 9 years ago

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    Nick - first of all Abudhabi visa and Oman require separate visa as they are two diff countries. Chek the oman website for nationalities for whom 'visa on arrival' is offered. If they fall in that list, then shud not b a problem. If not you will have to apply or visit visa in advance. Probably the same way they r coming to Abu dhabi. If they get visa on arrival for Abu dhabi 99% they will be eligible or visa on arrival in Oman as well. Word of caution though - UAE has a rule saying that one u exit on a visit visa you cannot come return for a month. (this is not a hard and fast rule, just to prevent people from working here on a visit visa) but still u may have some explaining to do if u go to Oman and then come back to Abu dhabi again. about 9 years ago

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