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I am not a professional, but love taking photos. I need a really good quality camera, small size

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    Are u looking at a compact camera or are you considering an slr like the M9... To be honest, they make excellent camera but i cant say based on price that they are x times better than the other more affordable camera brands about 9 years ago

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    Yes, I need a compact camera, at a cost not more than 1500$. Any advice on other cameras? What about Olympus? about 9 years ago

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    My BF has a Canon S95, although I think they've just released the S100. It's a very, very tiny compact camera that takes great, high quality and high res photos - especially good in low light/without flash. He also has a full SLR outfit (Canon 5D MKII and lots of lenses) but it's extremely heavy to lug around on travels. For me, I'd never have the stamina to carry it and care for it all the time. Because the S95 is soooo light and tiny though, it's in his jeans pocket ALL the time. Everywhere. And consequently he takes 1000's of photos. I know you're probably looking for something a little more like an SLR with your budget, but it might be worth considering two cameras. One for the hero shots and one to capture all the other travel moments that spring up in unexpected places. about 9 years ago

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    Nikon Cool Pix 9100 is small, lightweight, takes a DAMNED nice picture, and is less than $400 (USD). It's a "point and shoot" but has some good "override" features which can mimic an SLR. A friend I met on a recent trip to Greece saw some of the pix I loaded onto my iPad from my 9100. She asked to see the camera and was amazed to discover that many of its features rivaled or were better than the clunky SLR she was hauling around. about 9 years ago

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