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Hi! I am interested in the higher education in Norway. And I would like to receive feedback from the locals about the schooling. From my own research, I heard that NTNU university of science and technology of Norway is good..is it true? Any information would be great! Thanks again:)

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    NTNU is our highest rated technical university internationally. It has a great student atmosphere, and is probably the best student city in Norway. (comparable to Lund in Sweden)
    For economics and management, NHH in Bergen is the best. Great city, great people and a very good school. i have studied at both, so I should know :)

    Do you know what dicipline you are applying for? Then its easier to recommend specific cities and schools over 9 years ago

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    Universitetet i Oslo Oslo
    Universitetet i Bergen Bergen
    Universitetet i Tromsø Tromsø
    Universitetet i Stavanger Stavanger
    Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet Trondheim

    These are the top rates schools. And yes, according to my readings NTNU is very good. But consider what Christian says can consider your area of interest as well. over 9 years ago

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    Thank you to the both of you. Christian- is Lund university good too for technology studies? I am planning in majoring science/environmental studies...round that area, it is not yet détermined. How was NTNU for you? I am afraid sincè i am a french-foreign student, that i wont have the same good expérience as you in those universities. over 9 years ago

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