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I originally was thinking about going to Denmark but my friend, whose father is Norwegian and has family in Norway, said he would get me in contact with them If I decided to study abroad in Oslo, just so I would not be completely alone in another country. I also have always wanted to visit the fjords and go hiking there considering I'm obsessed with nature (cliché I know). While I know I can travel around the country, I will be living in Oslo and after reading reviews online I'm starting to worry that I won't enjoy it.

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    Hello Hailey

    What negative reviews have you read about Norway?

    If you like grandiose nature than there really is nothing that surpasses the grandeur of Norway's natural coastline. The cities are attractive and clean and the main sights are accessible to visitors with ease.

    There is a book published by a young Englishman, unfortunately a "progressive' but still quite informative about the life and customs of all inhabitants of all Scandinavian nations. Reading this prior to committing would be an eye opener to you about the real differences between these delightful northern nations.

    By the way, why don't you consider Finland, Sweden, Iceland or even the Faeroe Islands? over 4 years ago

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