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I am scheduled to travel to North Korea with a tour group in about a month and my travel agent has presented me with a May alert. We fly first to Beijing. Shall I go or cancel? I am not a WorldNomads member

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    Is North Korea safe?
    North Korea is considered one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. Our customers have had no problems with either crime, or the authorities. The only way you are likely to put yourself in any danger is by criticizing the North Korean leaders or government. We urge you to respect your guide's views and wishes otherwise constant disrespect and criticism is likely to lead to deportation or even jail. over 4 years ago

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    Do I have to send my passport to apply the visa?
    You don't need to send us your passport for applying North Korean traveling visa. Just simply fill in the application form on the website. We can apply the visa for you in advance(2-3 weeks in advance).But you have to arrive at Dandong Train Station at 8:30a.m. on the departure day meet the guide and the group get together go through the customs to start the tour.Fly from Shenyang you have to arrive in ShenYang TiaoXian Airport at 12:00 on the departure day to meet the group and the guide go through the customs.
    If you need to arrive in Dandong/ Shenyang 1 day earlier we would love to be your assistant to help you to book the hotel for you in advance.

    What about If I only have 1 entry China visa?
    After your North Korea trip. You have to fly from Pyongyang - Beijing with your digital flight ticket which can fly out of China in 72 Hours.
    You can apply other entry China visa in Pyongyang but it will disturb you half day itinerary.
    Please inform us your double entry China visa information to us before your trip otherwise it will bring you some inconvenience.

    Is there a North Korea visa or stamp on my passport ?

    If you would like North Korean visa on your passport please inform us in advance. We can past North Korean visa on your passport.(But fly from Beijing your traveling visa is on other paper can not be on your passport.)
    If you do not want North Korean visa on your passport. You can have North Korea visa on other paper. On your passport only get two stamps from Dandong,China Customs. 1 for going out of Dandong,China 1 for getting into Dandong,China. Please see the example.(when you fill in the DPRK Travel Application there is a column let you choose if you would like to have North Korean traveling visa on your passport or not .)
    For More FAQ questions for traveling to North Korea ........please visit: http://www.explorenorthkorea.com/faq-questions-to-dprk.html over 4 years ago

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