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My husband has worked in most places in nigeria and the conditions are bad with the locals and extortion and hostage situation

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    though Nigeria may have its challenges as regards security and infrastructures,it is still a good place to work and also highly rewarding...if u understand how the system works. about 9 years ago

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    Eve, you said it, conditions are bad. So bad that the Australian government's advice to its citizens is to "reconsider your need to travel". In particular they say DO NOT TRAVEL to Riverine area of Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers (and Bonny Island), Abia State, Akwa Ibom and Anambra states in the south east, plus Borno and the Plateau States.
    This is because the high risk of terrorist attack, high risk of kidnapping, high level of violent crime and the heightened risk of violent civil unrest.
    And Australia's advice is typical of many others such as the UK and USA.
    If you go to Google news and search Nigeria you'll see the daily litany of bomb attacks, shootings and crime.
    However, as for it being safe to work there..... that depends on who your employer is. Hopefully it's a cashed-up company that provides you with all the security you need to stay safe.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    My opinion is different. Most modern cities like New York also have a very high crime rate. There are also criminal gangs and drugs prevalent in the narrow streets. No body issues any warning to travel New York. There is no warning for Tel Aviv where Palestinians and Israelis are always fighting each other. Most of the times, these innocent third world countries are a favorite target of warning. I traveled Nigeria last year and believe me people there are very friendly and helpful. over 8 years ago

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