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    No, there remains a high risk of kidnapping, armed robbery, militant activity and violent civil unrest. The US, UK and Australian governments advise against all travel to Port Harcourt, and you should be aware that this means it is very unlikely you will be covered by any type of travel insurance if you go there against that advice. If something happens to you there will be no chance of any emergency assistance, and it is very unlikely any costs you incur for emergency medical care (including evacuation) will be covered. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Whoa Phil! Let's go easy on the travel advice shall we? Strikes me like you haven't actually been to Port-Harcourt. Much of the advice is pretty much exaggerated. Caucasians walk and jog freely in most parts of the GRA Areas. The kidnapping rates have significantly reduced and there is no civil unrest. However, armed robbery at Fuel stations and bank heists have become more common place in recent times. But this is not at any more levels higher than the crime rates in Jo'burg. Relatively, it's a far far safer place than when the previous governor was on seat. The latest administration has done a much better job at security. As much as i respect Phil's travel advices and think they are in your good interest, i am afraid to say that in this particular case, its a bit blown out of proportion. over 8 years ago

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