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    There is always hope for a country going through turmoil. If South Africa managed to abolish Apartheid and welcome a Rainbow Nation, anything is possible. about 9 years ago

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    Book haram is not the first major crisis in Nigeria, before book haram there were the OPC,MASSOB and Niger Delta Militant bombs but Nigeria survived it. It will survive this but people have to be given sense of belonging and the Police has to be retrained to be sensible and reasonable in handling issues. about 9 years ago

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    MASSOB LEADER:The solution is for Jonathan to convene a meeting of selected leaders of all the major ethnic nationalities, with the sole agendum of dissolving Nigeria.Call it (NSC)or whatever you like. Outside this, Nigeria will not only continue to be a failed state but also a dangerous place to live in because the way things are going, anarchy is coming and coming big. No one knows where and when the next bomb will go off as all the areas we hitherto thought were safe havens have been defiled by the recent developments. Today, the innocent people are being killed on the streets and nobody cares, but when those in the parliament begin to die, and these boys start getting access to the parliament to detonate bombs, then they would sit up and take notice of the dangerous precipice Nigeria is currently tottering on.The only solution to the present problem is the bifurcation of Nigeria. Anything else would be cosmetic. In 1967, General Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra and a civil war ensued. In 1970, the Nigerian Government said they have defeated Biafra, but what are we still talking about today? Is it not the same Biafra? You cannot kill the aspiration of a people. As long as the Boko Haram people say they want their own independent Islamic state, even if you kill their leader, which they have done, you cannot quell the struggle. It is just like thinking that if you kill Uwazurike, MASSOB will end. You would be kidding! It is not about individuals. It is about the convictions and collective aspirations of a people. The problem with Nigeria is her inability to face the truth. For instance, a road gets bad; the government would not repair the road until thousands of people die on the bad road. Only then would they repair it. Now, until millions of people die in Nigeria through Boko Haram and other ethnic agitations, they may never listen to the call for the division of Nigeria. The fact remains that until Nigeria is bifurcated, there is no stopping of Boko Haram; there is no stopping of MASSOB; there is no stopping of the Niger Delta militants. And neither can they stop the OPC. almost 9 years ago

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