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We will be in Pamplona for a few days this coming July during San Fermin. Does anyone know how I can go about getting tickets for the bull ring and or any advice as where to go to watch the running of the bulls?

I really appreciate the help!

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    How to get tickets from Sanfermin

    Trying to get tickets for the daily bullfights is a continuous headache, not only for the foreigners, but also for the local people. The following information will maybe help you. See sanfermin dot com (english Version)


    Most of the seats in the bullring belong to members who pay an annual fee and who automatically receive their tickets each year to cover the seven consecutive days of bullfights. This membership is automatically renewed each year and most of them pass from father to son so that even for the local people there is a waiting-list that practically only opens on the death of a member. "The Peñas" also have lifelong membership which allows them to receive tickets in bulk so that, for example, the seating that they occupy on the sunny side of the ring is totally booked out by them each year. Only 10% of the total tickets are officially on sale - and this happens only because they are legally required to do so. This 10% of tickets are sold the day before each bullfight at special box offices just in front of the bullring and which open at nine o´clock in the evening.

    So, in theory, if you are prepared to queue up, you can get tickets in this way. In fact, what tends to happen is, the black marketeers tend to control the queue to a great extent. They take up position hours before the box-office opens and buy up a large portion of these entrance tickets so that they can resell them at a higher price. over 9 years ago

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    Excellent, thank's so much for that information!

    How then can I go about getting a good posse for the running of the bulls? From what I've seen/heard there are two options:

    1.) Paying for a space on a private balcony (which is hard to go about finding). All the websites look like scams and charge impossibly expensive rates.


    2.) Watch it from the streets amongst the pushy and obnoxious crowds. Asides from the scores of rude people attempting desperately to get a view for themselves it also appears as though little can be seen from watching from the streets anyway.

    ....any suggestions?

    I'm really eager to experience BOTH (the running of the bulls and the bull fight) and am starting to think its going to be pretty impossible! I don't want to miss out.

    What would you advise I do and where is a good place to watch the bull run from?

    Thanks again - you rock! over 9 years ago

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