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Ok guys, hoped that I could use your experiences and opinions on our NZ plan:

May 31st land in Auckland (after 5 months in Asia)
Me and my girlfriend both have working visas and we hoped to do a snow season.

Firstly, I have done bits of research and we want to head straight to the south. Ideally we would like to be in Wanaka - but what are the chances of sorting out work when we get there? Does anyone have any recommendations of how/where to sort work out before hand - without having to have an interview as early as March? We both have degrees, have done all kind of jobs, my girlfriend has bar work experience, but I dont (would it be necessary? Im sure I would pick it up real quick...) We would like to ideally have the days free to snowboard, so an evening job, or a morning job would be ideal. What are peoples thoughts on this? Any tips? Is accommodation easy enough available? Obviously job opportunities will dictate where we settle, so Queenstown is still an option...

If we were to get a season lift pass, which one/resort would people recommend?

We will also need to get our snowboard gear sent over to us... does anyone have any experience in sending large items through the post in such a way and know a rough cost, and could recommend any companies?

We also would like to buy a van. One that we could live out of during the summer. Any tips on doing this??

A lot to ask, but any info would be of great help, thanks!!

J & L

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    If you arrive in Wanaka early enough, with some money up your sleeve to survive a few weeks, then I am sure you'll be able to find work when you get there. Be aware that the season doesn't really kick in til July, so work might be a bit scarce until the snow really starts to fall.

    I would wait til you get there to sort out lift passes etc. You might find a job where this is included as a perk. Can not comment on which resort is better for snowboarding, as a skier, my personal preference isTreble Cone, which is easily accessible from Wanaka.

    I don't have any specific advice on buying a car, but you might like to try these guys: http://www.spaceshipsrentals.co.nz/contact-us/spaceships-for-sale - They do sell some of their vans periodically and if not, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

    Have never sent gear by post - freight is probably a better option. about 10 years ago

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