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Hi fellow Nomads,
I will be going to NZ in a few weeks for about 10 months travelling/working on farms. I really want to get a car so I may travel on my own accord. I do not know much about vehicles but intend on bringing someone along with me who has more knowledge. What are some things to look out for when purchasing, what procedures are involved regarding ownership, maintenance, etc. and any other tips or details I should know about? I will be arriving in Auckland and hear that there are plenty of car shows and options available for someone looking to buy. Thanks for your advice and help in advance!


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    There are plenty of cars to choose from but don't go European as they're expensive and parts cost a lot. Go Japanese.

    Insurance - crazily - is OPTIONAL in NZ but beware, if you crash a car you'll have to pay for both cars out of your pocket so it is very wise to get insurance. And it's not very expensive either for Fully Comp.

    You will have to have a WOF done on the car (same as an MOT) and if it's an old car you have to do this every 6 months.

    That's about it. Oh and you can only drive on an international driving licence for max 12 months then you will need to apply for an NZ drivers licence.

    That about covers it I think! Enjoy. I LOVE living in NZ x over 6 years ago

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