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cheapest/reliable RV service?

about 7 years ago about New Zealand

I'm going to be spending a bit of time in New Zealand on the northern island. I did some research on finding an RV but the cheapest I found for about two weeks of renting it came to about $4500. Is this what to expect? I thought this was way too pricey. Any advice?

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    HI Page, go to http://rankers.co.nz to see a huge range of RV reviews. You'll find there's a trade off between cheapest and most reliable ;-)

    You didn't say what size RV you need or when you're going - obviously this will affect the price a lot. But I agree that $4500 seems to be expensive! Have a look around this site for more Q&A on NZ campervans as there's a lot that's already been written. And search on the term "Campervan" rather than "RV" as that's the common lingo in this part of the world . Good luck about 7 years ago

    • Thanks so much christy! I'll give it a try! Page about 7 years ago
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    Hi Page! I was trying to remember what campervan company I used and it turns out it was Maui. http://www.maui.co.nz/campervan-hire-locations/auckland-airport I split the cost with a group so that may have been why it was so affordable. Great fleet but it also looks like they may have gotten rid of their smallest/cheapest version van. Let me know if you need any suggestions for the trip! Safe travels :) about 7 years ago

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