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Driving Wellington to Auckland over a week... I know the North Island will be a bit more mild than the South, but looking for any advice/tips from someone who's done a winter road trip in a camper. Oh, we've got a 6 and 2 yr old with us ;-)

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    No - I don't think this is mad. Just be cautious further south of road/black ice (usually pre-sun rise, post-sunset) but that's more the south island than the north.

    Make sure you take some extra blankets and have some activities planned e.g. walking, parks, eating, skiiing, etc etc, so you can keep active.

    Other than that, enjoy! The roads will be a lot quieter and the season will be yours to explore :) over 8 years ago

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    • Wow- thanks for the super speedy reply! And good tips! - christy christy over 8 years ago
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    Look for campers that have heaters - especially gas ones that can be used if you're free camping. Some have electric ones that only work when plugged into mains power , i.e. in a powered site. over 8 years ago

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    Hi there,

    We are from the North Island of NZ and have our own camper with 2 children. Having experienced both summer and winter touring, I can say with certainty that summer is certainly easier. But if you are prepared, then 1 week in a campervan over winter can be a great adventure.

    I have 5 main pieces of advice.

    1 - Plan and be aware of drive times before you head away. You have far less daylight as it's dark by around 5pm. (This for me is a bigger factor than the cold).

    2 - As it's dark early, be prepared with inside activities that don't require much space.

    3 - As you will be inside more, definitely get a 6 berth campervan

    4 - Get a camper with a decent internal heater that doesn't require power.

    5 - Lastly, you should expect a really good deal at this time of year. I'm co owner of a review website that has thousands of campervan reviews from real travellers. See all options here - http://www.rankers.co.nz/tags/motorhomes-campervans-rv

    All the best and go well.

    Cymen over 8 years ago

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    Back now - thanks so much for the tips everyone.
    * We got a camper with a diesel heater - fantastic and incredibly efficient and worked without being plugged into the mains electricity.
    * We asked the Van company for extra quilts, which they happily provided.
    * There was a winter deal available and it made the hire really affordable. We also found that the van parks were relatively empty and we never had to plan/book ahead. Bliss!

    However, Cymen (above) suggested getting a 6 berth, but this seemed like overkill at the time. In retrospect, this is really good advice for anyone travelling with kids and in winter - we just had heaps of gear/clothes/toys/coats etc. It would have been great with the extra space to chuck all this and not worry about putting it away so carefully. Also, it would have meant that at least one bed was set up all the time and this would cut down on that pfaffing when everyone's tired. In summer, when Van rates are higher, a 6 berth would be a luxury, but on the cheapie winter rates, it's a really good idea. over 8 years ago

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