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    You should be able to. The charger that comes with the iPad is dual voltage (110 in the States and 220/240 in Europe) - you will need an adaptor for the wall socket in your hotel, or you could plug straight into the shaver adaptor if there is one. over 9 years ago

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    I recommend traveling with an adapter kit. I've been traveling a lot for 10 years and found this one by Targus to be the best, most compact, and cheap enough! http://www.amazon.com/Targus-World-Travel-Adapters-APK01US/dp/B000ES6KPM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1310229894&sr=8-4

    Then any device you have will plug in as long as it is rated 110 - 230 V which most anything with a wall wart is. over 9 years ago

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    I have all throughout Europe. No voltage converter necessary as the standard iPad charger accepts their voltage...just an adaptor for the different plugs. over 9 years ago

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    If you use the small wall socket adaptors without converters, they will work on electronics which show 100-240V on their plugs. Almost all new electronics don't need converters...things like hairdryers generally MUST have converters.

    Major chain stores, like Walmart and Target, have outlet adapters for very little cost...under $10 In the US. Look in the luggage section. over 9 years ago

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