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Are there affected areas in the region?

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    Ummm, Its better if u get yourself Vaccinated, because Nepal' got many stray dogs. about 9 years ago

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    There are stray dogs here, but none rabid as far as I can tell. The dogs are well taken care of by its owners and they are tame and well fed and no likely to bite anyone. I was in Nepal for two whole months and have experienced friendly dogs approaching me for a pat and accompanying me around on my daily walks even though I was a complete stranger to them. That is how friendly Nepalese dogs are, just like the inhabitants. So no worries, you are as likely to be bitten by a rabid dog as being hit by falling space debris.
    But of course, have vaccination for every possible disease, it is highly recommended when traveling into a third world country. You never know what you may encounter.
    Check out this website on recommendations, especially the one on rabies if you will be coming into contact with wild dogs and domestic animals. http://peakfreaks.com/vaccinne.htm almost 9 years ago

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    You only get a rabies shot after you've been bitten - not before. It is pretty much considered necessary treatment to have the course of rabise shots after being bitten.

    Check out www.who.int almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Sarah T via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Better to get the shots before as after is a course of three and could spoil your travel plans. It's not just dogs you need to take care of. Monkeys can also carry the disease. almost 9 years ago

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