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Trekking for 14 days. Sept 1-15th.

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    Woodland shoes used of clothing will serve the purpose of trekking for arrival to pray Annpurna region in Nepal over 9 years ago

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    Having used Gore-Tex trekking boots, I would highly recommend these boots as the preferred shoes for trekking. Besides being waterproof, scuff proof and breathable, they are extremely lightweight. You will begin to appreciate it's minimal weight after hours of continuous climbing. It feels almost like going barefoot, such is the excellent design and fit. Not only are they durable, they are also slip proof, sturdy in design and they really last, which is very important. You would not want to have to hunt for a replacement pair in the middle of your trek. "Running in" or seasoning of the boots is unnecessary as the ample padding inside ensures a proper fit every time. I have kept mine in storage since 2008 after returning from Nepal and I am pleasantly surprised that these boots are still in pristine condition as I first wore them. There is no sign of mildew. In contrast, several pairs of sports shoes I used in tandem with the Gore-Tex have either lost it's soles or deteriorated badly. The choice is yours ultimately. Check out this webpage by Gore-Tex:

    http://www.gore-tex.com/searchgoretex/index?N=0&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&Ntk=All&Nty=1&locale=en_us&Ntt=Trekking+boots over 9 years ago

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    I trekked Annapurna Circuit in March and just wore teva sandals! Most mornings and evenings when it was cold; just added socks and the two days of Yak Karka and the Throngla Pass I wore the hiking boots I'd carried due to the snow. over 9 years ago

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    Gaspo sand I used them in the Annapurna, the army and many more excellent shoes over 7 years ago

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