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    We have just returned from Nepal this past weekend and there are plenty of taxis availbale from the airport. Be sure to negotiate a price upfront though and taxi drivers do not need to be tipped. about 10 years ago

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    what is the normal price ? about 10 years ago

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    400 rupees is fair price, from airport to Thamel (city center) over 9 years ago

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    It will be very probable that you cannot speak Nepalese, so bargaining as recommended by the previous poster will be difficult if not impossible. You may be lucky and meet with a taxi driver who understands English but this is very unlikely. Also, you will be met with hoards of pushy touts seeking your patronage as soon as you step out of the airport. This is an experience best avoided.

    Your best bet is to book a taxi from the airport as the cost is fixed at US$11 into the city center. This way you will not get fleeced by touts outside the airport who can quote exorbitant rates, you being a foreigner. At the airport taxi counter, you can even arrange for a whole day taxi where the driver will act as your guide and bring you to all the exciting and happening places in and around Kathmandu. These airport-recommended taxi drivers speaks English which will then be a bonus. They can explain to you all the important tourist destinations in Nepal, it's history, culture and facts. They can also recommend you hotels according to your budget, whether opulent or basic. On your very own, you may not be able to do that as you do not know the area or what hotels are available and the rates.

    Alternatively, you could book your own tour guide online on many of the tour agencies from Nepal to meet you on arrival, which will remove all hassle of arriving in a strange place, especially late at night. They can then bring you to your hotel for your much needed rest before commencing on your adventure the next morning. Touts outside the airport may not only fleece you but may bring you to unsavory spots you will wish you never encounter. This is only a worst case scenario but better to be safe than sorry. It has happened because, the country is really poor, which has turned some of the youths to crime. If you are lucky you may meet genuinely friendly and caring guys who you will gladly embrace as a brother. Such is the diversity of the place.

    Take care and have an enjoyable and memorable stay in Nepal which incidentally reads:
    You WILL fall in love with the country and it's people!
    It is very peaceful, quiet, and serene high up in the mountains. over 9 years ago

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    Tourist traps:
    This site relegates all that tourist have to be wary of at the arrival section. I didn't know it was this bad. Our only grouse was that immigration customs wanted a NPR 2000 for excess weight in one of our baggage, which we were not willing to accede to. Luckily for us a kind and friendly supervisor came to our aid and advised us to pack our excess luggage into another bag and carry that as hand luggage instead of checking it in.


    http://www.airlinequality.com/Airports/Airport_forum/ktm.htm over 9 years ago

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    walk outside and get in a taxi should take 30mins if not id start to worry. 400r make sure you agree on the price before you get in over 9 years ago

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    What are you worrying about? Unless you are in a hurry to get somewhere, I suggest you do what I normally do. Upon arrival, have all your immigration formalities such as passport/visa stamped and attended to. Next go through customs checking then proceed to the nearest lounge/cafeteria to have a leisurely cup of coffee/drink and a snack if you must. Try their Chiya Duhd, their native Tibetan milk tea. It is just unbelievably fragrant, you will learn to love it. After all the arriving passengers have departed the airport building, THEN leisurely stroll out of the terminus to the almost deserted taxi stand. This way you avoid the jostling crowd and pushy touts. You now can bargain with the few remaining taxi drivers for a fair price into town. Natives pay only NPR 200-350 taxi fare into town. NPR 400 is a very generous amount in Nepal where the average MONTHLY salary is only NPR 1000/- !!!
    Take heed of the earlier posting from Tripadvisor on taxi touts everywhere. It is excellent advise. over 9 years ago

    • This is not true. Because nepal its a poorest country being a richest people.so first u have to be update with the fuel prices and cost of vehicle. marken shrestha almost 8 years ago
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    Best and easiest way is to take a taxi. Be aware, they will want to overcharge! Walk to the far end of the car park where there are always a few sitting around. It's the guys hassling you when you exit the airport that you want to avoid. almost 9 years ago

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