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Will be trekking to Annapurna Base Camp early next year with an independent guide and two other mates. Searching for the ultimate backpack, so far I've narrowed it down to a 65L, and I'd prefer front loading > top loading, but with so many brands out there, which backpack really is the best?

For a little extra info, we aren't hiring a porter (open to it, but happy to carry our gear ourselves), and we will be taking the tea house route. No need for us to carry tents etc, just sleeping bags.

Budget is AUD $300, so go easy on the pricing... please.


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    How to down load my 'certificate of insurance'
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    Hi Lai,

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    Hi Milly. I took a Kathmandu 40L backpack on my trip, which was reasonably priced. My friend and I shared a porter to help carry the sleeping gear. I'd recommend trying on a few backpacks to see whats comfortable for you. Make sure the pack doesn't stick to your back to allow air to flow between your back and the bag.

    I also looked at Osprey and MacPac bags too.

    http://www.kathmandu.com.au/ over 3 years ago

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    It's entirely possible to do Annapurna solo, with a normal daypack. You just need essentials toiletries, enough cash money, small water bottle, first aid kit, bare min clothes, good shoes extra pair o socks to wash alternately but enough for to insulate for alpine terrain. no sleeping bag needed. There are many tea houses there and you just ask for extra blankets, the track is very well marked, and trekkers are common along the trail with asking locals if you're unsure. A german girl asked this and i told her its very possible to travel super light and she did and had said it was so much better than other travel buddies who were carrying big 65- 80l packs struggling on the trail.

    But for decent harder treks I do prefer macpacs. Tried and tested hardy. over 3 years ago

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    I brought the new Osprey pack, the Levity 45L, and it was perfect. I love the suspension on the Osprey packs, super comfy. You definitely do not need more than 45L. In Nepal you don't have to carry a tent, food or cooking equipment so you want a nice and light pack over 2 years ago

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