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We know there's bottled water available in most places but there's likely to be times when there's not...so what is the protocol recommended in re: options to bottled water?

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    Hey Reinout,

    If you're trekking it's probably a good idea to take some, but in general the tea houses will boil water for you. I went for close to two weeks in a very remote part of Nepal and didn't have any problems with the water (always boiled).

    The other option is something like this: https://www.thegrayl.com/ which would be handy for future trips as well! about 3 years ago

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    I just returned from Nepal (Annapurna).. I purchased bottled water throughout the 9 days, and at higher altitudes (above 3000) there was 'safe drinking water' available for purchase, which has been filtered and ozonated. This is designed for tourists and even poor English speakers understood the term. I drank 4 litres a day, and had no issues with my belly at all. I also drank boiled water in tea without a problem. However my friend drank local water with purification tablets and had belly issues through the trek and for a week on returning home. I'm not sure if this was from the tablets or from the water. Hope this helps. about 3 years ago

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    Just got back- It depends on where you go. You can buy bottled water most anywhere even in remote areas like the Dang Valley, or drink hot beverages like tea, and in a lot of restaurants we were able to get "jar kopani" basically water cooler jug water. However, they don't have a good system to recycle the bottles, so if you're an eco conscious person, a water filter and bladder is a more considerate choice. I didn't end up using mine because of the schedule of my trip, but I was recommended (and saw in use by an ancillary party member) the Sawyer mini filter. Only a few ounces, and a lot of ways to use it, for about $25-$35. about 3 years ago

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    Hi Reinout.
    Real simple - just ask the lodge for boiled water.
    Most of the time they'll give it for free. Or better still, buy black sweet tea.
    The bottle problem is huge in remote areas, so don't add to it.
    Also take a box of tablets in case you want to drink between lodges,
    but usually there's a lodge within spitting distance wherever you go.
    The biggest problem is not drinking. Don't go there. Good luck. almost 3 years ago

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    Absolutely yes. I brought the steripen UV filter and it worked great. Traveler's diarrhea is rampant in Nepal; you have to be careful. over 2 years ago

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