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Or the best place to get easy access to them if they are everywhere...

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    Sightseeing of Kathmandu Valley

    Kathmandu city, Swayambhunath and Patan City and Bhaktapur.

    Visits to Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath and Pashupatinath temple,
    Bhaktapur which lies on the Eastern part of Kathmandu valley, visit Lion Gate, Golden Gate, Art Gallery , Statue of King Bhupatindra, Nyatapola Temple , fifty-five windowed Malla palace and other historical monuments.
    Patan lying 5kms away from Kathmandu Valley on the South-East, Mahaboudha Temple , Kumbeshwor temple, Krishna Temple and Golden Temple .
    visit to Swayambhunath.
    Stupa of Swayambhunath epitomizes Buddhism for Buddhist sect about 10 years ago

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    The best way to get around is to go by foot. Most of the interesting sites are concentrated around Boudanath
    Stupa in the center of Kathmandu City. Walk in any direction from this landmark and you will find temples (although they're called monasteries over here). The best monastery is the Kopan Monastery situated on a hill due North from Boudhanath. It is a 20 minutes walk away and you will experience Nepalese life along the way, you will see cottage craft such as silversmith making, paper-making, thangka painting, wood-carving etc. Do not forget to walk around the very imposing white Boudhanath Stupa while you are there. You will see many art and craft items being sold on every side of the stupa, such as bronze singing bowls, gurka knives, semi-precious beads such as genuine lapis-lazuli, tigers eye, dzi beads, etc. Also not to be missed are the genuine fossils found there in the Himalayan Mountains. Some have real calcified prehistoric fishes in there.
    If you are adverse to walking (the weather is great with cool breezy air with temperatures around 16 degrees Celsius), it is a renowned trekking country after all, you can hire a taxi-cab that can bring you to these places. You will need to approach a few taxi drivers and politely ask if any speaks English. You will meet one or two on your third or fourth try. This is the most comfortable way to travel around. There are also tourist agencies in the town center who will take you on a comprehensive tour of the region if you wish. You can book singly or join a group tour. The group tour is more fun as you meet like-minded individuals like yourself from all corners of the globe. You can book such tours on-line ahead of your arrival and you will be met at the airport and then be brought around to the most interesting places. The more adventurous travelers will arrive on their very own and then seek travel guides here by themselves. The bonus of such an arrangement is that you can check out several agencies there and pick one to your liking and price.
    Have an enjoyable and memorable trip. Remember NEPAL means: NEVER ENDING PEACE AND LOVE! over 9 years ago

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    The most interesting? That award must go solely to Pushpatinath Hindu Temple also known as the Golden Temple. Where else can you watch live cremation of dead bodies open to public view and these goes on all day, every day? It has become a morbid but fascinating public spectacle for tourists as well as locals alike. The best place to view it will be the hillock overlooking the Basmati River. There are benches and seats for your convenience as you watch the pyre preparation, the religious ceremony prior to the immolation of the corpse. Macabre but fascinating nonetheless. Also look out for the human scavengers in the shallow river bed itself as they salvage for any valuables from the corpses as they are thrown into the river as a means of disposal after the cremation. It makes the skin crawl just to watch such an exercise, but poverty is such in Nepal that there are individuals who have to resort to such depths to earn a living, just like the "smoky mountain" trash/rubbish scavengers in both India and the Phillipines. For this reason along, do give generously to those poor beggars lining the streets at the temple and in Nepal in gereral especially those cradling starving emaciated babies with sunken cheeks and eyes, reminiscing of those seen in the African famine regions. over 9 years ago

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