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    I do not know the answer to your question but I am planning to do the Jomson trek in April. I would like some information about time and distance. I see that it is usually a 5 day trek to Jomson. Any way to get to thorong la pass and back to jomson in 6 days starting from Naya Pul? What if I took jeep from Jomson to Mukintah? almost 8 years ago

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    Yes you can handle merchandise in Nepal, but it is common courtesy to acknowledge the presence of the vendor by giving a smile and a nod, indicating your desire to touch. Most tourists I have seen do get away with handling the goods without buying and get away with it. If you have built rapport with the shopkeeper, you are more likely to get a discount from the stated price. Try as far as possible to buy from stores that display prices, as, if prices are not displayed, the vendor is free to quote you exorbitant prices if you are a tourist from those of inhabitants. Is business is slow, the vendor may even engage you in English conversation to improve their skill and may offer you char(tibetan milk tea) and invite you into their shops to get away from the sun. You will find Nepalese friendly and accommodating. almost 8 years ago

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