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I wonder how I would notify the capital if I have an emergency. Will they give me a GPS tracker. What is the phone coverage like?

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    We just drove through part of the Namib desert in April, and I think it entirely depends on how much of it you want to do and the type of car you're able to take. We went from Windhoek to Sesriem and in to Sousousvlei. Then we went south to Hobas and stayed at the Ai Ais hot springs resort. We rented a four door 2WD car, and it was a challenge. I would definitely recommend a 4WD SUV and bring extra water, food and a spare gas tank. Also always be sure to check your spare tire as you're likely to need it. Even the main roads through the desert are gravel and many are in rough shape. If you want to check out the Skeleton Coast, you'd need to do more research. In terms of navigating and staying in touch, we used Google's Project Fi and had intermittent data access throughout our trip. We mostly relied on paper maps as the Google maps aren't super reliable (we got turned around a few times following google maps). You'll also want to plan driving days so you arrive at your next location well before sun down as it's easy to get turned around or hit animals in the dark (we nearly hit a porcupine one night and encountered a big pool of water in the road that was tricky to navigate around in our car). I think if you stick to the more well-traveled routes, you could do this alone, but I would research more if you plan to go off the beaten path. Even on the main routes we went hours without passing another car. I hope this helps!

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