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I'm flying to Mozambique in 5 days. The itinerary will be London -> Addis Ababa -> Maputo

I know that to enter in Mozambique from a country at risk of yellow fever a certificate/proof of yellow fever vaccination is required, and Ethiopia is one of those countries.

However I'm not leaving the airport and I will stop there only for 2 hours for my flight connection. Do you think I will be able to explain this once arrived to Maputo or should I get a certificate anyway? They cost 15 pounds each.

Thanks Nomads!!!


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    You need this also to Mozambique, but no one check it over 5 years ago

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    Yes a certificate is needed, no matter if your leaving the airport or not. In high risk countries like that, the WHO takes control of diseases that could spread easily very seriously. So it's better to be safe then sorry. Plus, when you get back home they will pull you aside to make sure you haven't caught anything. A pain, I know. over 5 years ago

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