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I am considering going to Morocco for 3-4 weeks and wondering what are the best things to do there. Also, is it better to fly there or catch the ferry from Spain?

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    Olá mana boa!

    By car, you take 1/2 days to arrive.
    The ferry takes a big part of the day or night, then you get to Tanger but you have to drive a lot more if you want to go to Casablanca or Marrakech. It is beautiful because you can see a bit of Portugal, Spain and Morocco because you're driving but at the same time it is really exhausting, hot in the summer, and really busy between Spain and Morocco, with the possibility of seeing your bag being opened by the officers to check for illegal "goods".
    To drive is a bit more of an adventure... but if you have one week, imagine, you have 3/4 days "less" to visit places in the country.

    The best option, according to my friend that was born there, is to fly from Lisboa (for example) to Casablanca and from there, depending on what you want to see you can either catch a flight to Marrakech or rent a car and travel around.
    I think that from Casablanca you can drive to Rabat, then Meknès, Fès, Marrakech and drive towards Agadir and then drive along the coast till Casablanca again. Casablanca and Rabat have really beautiful beaches, and Marrakech is a lot more of a cultural experience with the markets, and the typical architecture... August is not the greatest month to go there, because it is really busy and hot, and there's a lot of dust in the air... June is better, it is almost summer, but the landscape is a lot more green, the heat is ok, and the city is a lot less busy.

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    The good thing about maroccos is that unpredictable. :) Talk with the people and listen to their suggestions. BUT watch out... They can be just trying to fool you. I went with 4 more friends and we were lucky. We were fooled in Tanger (Run out of there) but in the other places we had a guide for a bear, or just for the promise of visiting a shop.

    I think it's important to have a car. If you have your own car (old and discrete) go with yours. It's just a bad time in the border but it works
    If your far away and love your car to much go with the plane and rent a car. In some ways it's better since they won't see you're a foreigner for the licence plate.

    Best places for me are Oarzazate, Essaouira, and Chefchaouen. I heard Marrekeche was also very nice but we didn't want more crowded places.

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