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    I wrote a book on Morocco which can be found on Kindle, Sidi Slimane is title. It is not a tourist book but a spy novel. However lived there for a year while in the USAF.
    Why January? Like in U.S. worst month to travel and sight see. Unless you want to ski in Ifrane. Just my thoughts.i know or knew Casablanca. Is a city, Fedela or Mohammedia as it may now be called was a place of interest. Patton landed on the beach there. Saw tanks still in surf then. Probably rusted hulks today.
    Rabat the capital is probably better and Marrakesh. almost 7 years ago

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    It's a good time to go with your wife and daughter in morocco in jan. you have no problems to stay in Casablanca. you just visit the booking.com and booked cheap and affordable hotels for stay. over 6 years ago

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    It depends on what type of holiday you're looking for. I can't really speak on Marrakech or Cassablanca, although I have driven past Cas and through Marr. I can say that Agadir is well set up for package tourism etc with great beach and some nice hotels, traditional markets around the city. However if you're looking for the real taste of Morocco and good winter activities, you should travel down the coast where you can visit Tiznit a beautiful town with a renowned silver market, further down the coast is Mirleft a small developing town where you can real feel the real Morocco, with some beautiful beaches and good surf schools. Also there are bicycles mopeds and quads for hire, for journey's up into the hills. Between Tiznet and Mirleft and about 20/30 min from Mirleft is a place called Nigel's Place. Nigel is a british expat who has beautiful accomodation and offers tandem paragliding flights, (my only interest in this, is that I am a paragliding instructor from Wales UK that spends time here twice a year, teaching students).
    In Mirleft there is a small intimate hotel called Hotel Abertih run by a french guy Damian. you can check out his website www.abertih.com Here also you can connect with one of his staff, a guy by the name Sliman he is Berber and can give you a guided tour of the area and his home village and camel market and the most beautiful Argan oil,(a real treat).
    There are tour minibuses that operate out of Agadir and maybe there could be a good base to start out from. Flights to Agadir are reasonable, usually around £150rtn, you could pay more but you don't need to and there are good deals to be had in some of the hotels around the beach area. If you'e a foody, then the best food will always be away from the cities and in the more rural areas in, fact generally the more rural, the better the food.
    Always haggle prices and always be clear on the price of things and be sure that you have agreed the price of your taxi before the journey starts. If you hire a car beware of speed traps and on the spot fines. If this does happen you can negotiate with the police on the amount of the fine, I would suggest opening negotiations with not more than £10. (cont over 6 years ago

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    (continued). Don't be worried by any authorities in Morocco, be polite but be firm with them. They tend to have a very officious way about them but really are pussycats.
    I'm sure, however you holiday there, that you will have a nice time. Morocco and it's people are beautiful and hospitable. over 6 years ago

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    Travelling in January? right. This would be a great time if you choose properly where to stay in Morocco. Casablanca and Marrakech are better known Morocco cities, but it is not a must see! Marrakech is almost on your way if you want to see the different places in Morocco. You may land in Fez, Marrakech or Casablanca since they have the main Morocco airports. Then you move down to the South where it gets warmer. Beautiful sun adn perfect weather. I recommend to take a tour to Desert Sahara of Erg Chebbi and have some days in Agadir if you are looking to escape from the home cold winter. In the Mountains it gets cold, and only recommened if you want to Ski. So your Morocco vaction focus on the Southern part of Morocco and it ranges from cities, desert, beaches. If you have anything specific post it here. Have a wonderful vacaction. over 6 years ago

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